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Hiring Sales Representatives Wednesday, January 15, 2014 10:01 AM
SupeEShops is now looking for Sales Representatives to help present our great products to a wide new audience. We know that many people do their shopping based on recommendations from people they trust and now when you Apply For Our new Sales Rep Program you can Earn Credits (worth up to 20% Off) and even Cash Rewards (worth up to $50 per Site) for your recommendations. The Bigger the Site, the Bigger Your Reward!

After you signup and apply as a SuperEShops Sales Representative you will be able to Earn Credits on Discount SuperEShops Merchandize and Services, and also Cash Rewards for Site Referrals on a (10% of Sale Value) Commission Basis.  Eligible Representatives will receive their own URL Links and Custom QR Codes for placing on Blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Posts as well as on Flyers or Cards to give and share with potential clients to five you credit for online purchases and count toward toward your Sales Discounts and Rewards.


As a Sales Representative you can Earn Cash Rewards for each New Client Paid Site.

All that's required is for a New Client to Open a Store after choosing from one of our Pricing Plans and making sure they include your REFERRED BY EMAIL Address and you will receive a verification Email notifying you that 30-45 days after the launch or upgrade of their new site - you will receive a Paypal Payment Reward for the appropriate amount.  By using your Referral Email Address these new clients will also be Eligible for a Rebate of Equal Amount.

Rewards Are Available for the Following Plans


(1 Subdomain w/10 Pages & 50 Products)


(1 Domain w/50 Pages & 250 Products) 


(1 Domain w/Unlimited Pages & Products)

Site Payment by Year at $5.99/Month

Reward $7.20

 Site Payment by Year at $15.99/Month

Reward $19.00

Site Payment by Year at $25.99/Month

Reward $32.00

 Site Payment every 6 Months $7.99/Month

Reward $4.61

Site Payment every 6 Months at $17.99/Month

Reward $10.70

 Site Payment every 6 Months at $27.99/Month

Reward $16.70

 Site Payment every 3 Months  at $9.99/Month

Reward $2.70

 Site Payment every 3 Months  at $19.99/Month

Reward $5.90

 Site Payment every 3 Months  at $29.99/Month

Reward $8.90

 Site Payment every Month at $11.99/Month

Reward $1.20

Site Payment every Month at $19.99/Month

Reward $2.10

Site Payment every Month  at $29.99/Month

Reward $3.10

("Bronze" Free Page Plans are not included in this offer
Rebates/Rewards to be paid with first 30-45 days of Site Launch or Upgrade and
Apply to 1st Payment Period Only.
Referred By Email address must be valid and distinct from Site Sign Up Email.)

Updated and Valid as of January 7th, 2013. Subject to Future Price Adjustments and Updates without Prior Notice.


Now with SuperEShops if you sign up for a User Account you can earn credits 5%, 10%, 15% or even 20% off any purchase from our Shop by simply sharing a Link on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or Sending an Email to your friends about our pages. Simply Signup for a User Account, Login and click on the "Credits" Tab to get your Link or send our pre-formatted Email and for each click you earn One Credit.
100 Credits- Earns you Silver Status and 5% Off all Shop Purchases
250 Credits- Earns you Gold Status and 10% Off all Shop Purchases
500 Credits- Earns you Platinum Status and 15% Off Shop Purchases
750 Credits- Earns you Platinum Status and 20% Off Shop Purchases

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