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Control Access with Protected and Private Pages Thursday, October 10, 2013 08:10 AM

With your own SuperEShops Site you can now control individual page Access for Users by setting them to either "Protected" or "Private". This allows you to provide custom content to your site visitors requiring that they either be logged in with a User Account or be a member of a Specific User Group.
Once User Groups are created in the Admin tool the Page can be updated to reflect the proper access level.

Page Access has several settings.

Public - Viewable by All
Protected - Viewable only by Logged in Users
Protected Nav - Not shown in Navigation until User Logs In.
Private - Viewable only by Users within "Viewer" or "Moderator" Group for Page.
Private Nav - Not Shown in Navigation until User is proper Group is logged on

Within our Admin tool a Site Administrator can setup User Groups and assign them as either "Moderators" or "Viewers" for a specific All Pages or a Specific Page.

User can enter a Group by Asking the Administrator, by Earning Credits or they can also be Sold by updating the "Assign Group" field for a specific Product with a specific price and/or expiration period.

WIth this option in place Users who login but are not currently in the required User Group would receive a message like this one.

So not only can you sell physical items and downloadable files through SuperEShops, you can sell and monitize access to your site pages themselves. Yet another reason why we're called Super-E-Shops.

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